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Kanchenjunga North or South which is best

Kanchenjunga is the world 3rd highest mountain that rises from the north eastern part of the country in Darjeeling. It is separated by the by a forty six miles as an eagle flies, Darjeeling and Kanchenjunga in different globe. Trek from Yoksum to Goechela pass at five thousand meters. It is the globe of subtropical forests, alpine meadows, and rhododendron forests were yaks graze for their food and top valleys are between the snow capped and galleries peaks Kanchenjunga range.

Big trekking routes in Kanchenjunga

Kanchenjunga South and north face base camp

This is the remarkable trek that starts and ends at Sukhetar (Tapelijung) which is placed at the north east side of the Nepal. The tour takes to the picturesque view to the forests and villages that faces the South base camp at Ramche before traveling the Mirgin La to the north ise of Pang Pema base camp and Kanchenjunga.

South face base camp of Kanchenjunga

This is the trek that approaches the south face base camp of the globe highest top Kanchenjunga and is placed at the eastern frontier of Nepal. The trek to this route begins after landing at STOL at Taplejung through the charming view of village and pristine forests to the remarkable forests view through the south face camp at Ramche which is at four thousand three hundred and sixty meters.


Darjelling to Batast to Tonglo to Sandakphu

This is the trip for not more than six or seven day which takes a moderate trekking from Maneshanjang which is placed at the 26km by road from Darjeeling. This is the famous trek that has route from Darjeeling and one can definitely have wonderful views of Mt. Everest and Kanchenjunga.

Kalimpong treks

It is one of another top altitude tour in Darjeeling in the Kalimpong area from Relli, Neora and Pankhasari which is the top point in these places. Trekkers enjoy the natural beauty of the exotic wildlife, fauna, flora and the bird that can be seen while trekking in this way.

Darjeeling to Gangatok to Pemanyangtse to Yoksum to Dzongri

It is the most famous trek in Sikkim which is from Yoksom to Goccha La for exploring the amazing beauty of Kanchenjunga. These 2 peaks in the Dzongri place is placed at the West Sikkim. Jopunob and ThingchenKhang have been now declared as the “Treeking peaks” that means it is free from the royal payments.

Mt. Kanchenjunga dimensions

Place: Far East Nepal

Significance: third highest peak in the globe

Altitude: 8586 meters

Season: early February to late June and September to December

Flora and Fauna: There is the big range of the agricultural land and natural vegetation in Kanchenjunga. There are more than two thousand ranges of flowering plants in the place. Kanchenjunga conservation place is that home to 252 species of mammals, 85 ranges of insects, 6 species of amphibians and 5 species of fishes. You can know more about Kanchenjunga trek by via this website http://kanchenjungatrek.com/