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The itinerary for the Nepal photography tour will be given to you in advance

The itinerary for the Nepal photography tour will be given to you in advance. In fact, as soon as you have confirmed your booking, you will be given this. You will know what to expect at each point in time of the tour. This helps you prepare for the trip but also even more of an excitement of the impending trip because you know exactly what to look forward to. The Nepal photography tour starts once you land in Kathmandu. After an initial rest period, it is time to instantly get going. You only have 2 weeks on the Nepal photography tour and you would want to make each minute count. Here to get the chance to get acquainted with your fellow tour participants, explore the capital city and end the day with a magical performance of cultural dance while enjoying your meal. Kathmandu is bustling with little bazaars where you would get fantastic gifts of your trip to Nepal, however do not splurge now as you would have to carry it around during the trips duration. Kathmandu will be visited again when going back home, so leave it until then. For now, focus on the coming days. The first stop out of the city is Chitwan. The district is famous for its wildlife park where sightings of the Bengal tiger are always on the cards. It is not just about spotting the tiger and admiring its regal nature and beauty close up but also for the chance to photography them and learn first-hand from the photography guide who is along with you every step of the way on the Nepal photography tour.


Having them in such close proximity allows for tour participants to ask for advice or criticism whenever they want. This is what makes the Nepal photography tour so great to get in a good amount of knowledge in the field. The tour then heads of to the home of the Himalayas. This mighty mountain range is a wonder to photograph. Having the guidance of the Nepal photography tour would see you being taken directly to the best vantage points for getting good shots. This would be something that would take you a fair bit of time to see to if you were on your own. Time you do not want to be wasting on such a trip. The town of Pokhara is next. It is a melting pot of cultures. The people here are friendly and very inviting to foreigners, and spending a night here allows for an inside look into this mysterious culture. The final stop of Muktinath is always looked forward to. It is the religious highlight of Nepal. Although the country is steeped with thousands of religious sites, it is here that the most prominent call home. Around 3 days are spent in this one location alone on the Nepal photography tour. There simply is too much to take in and photography can be done anywhere. Each offers something different from ritualistic to architectural differences.