• Home As the largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba holds a lot of scope for bird watching tours

As the largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba holds a lot of scope for bird watching tours

As the largest island in the Caribbean, Cuba holds a lot of scope for bird watching tours. The country has not been very accessible to Americans in particular for decades but has recently opened up and bird watching tours have been a major hit with birders. Cuba bird watching tours are done is groups with smaller numbers to allow people to get a detailed and intimate adventure within the tropical country. As with other bird watching trips, Cuba bird watching tours follows pretty much the same consensus. Focus is on birding. Time is set aside to enjoy the many wonders of this vibrant country, but the bulk of the time is spent on birding. This is how birders like it. Cuba bird watching tours will allow birders to seek out this fascinating country and to then concentrate on its massive array of birding species.


Bird watching tours are done so that birders get the opportunity to seek out birds of different species.

They do eventually have to turn to going out into the world to find these birds as many are endemic and can only be found in certain regions of the world. For a case in point regarding Cuba bird watching tours there is the Cuban kite and the Zapata Rail. Not only are they segmented to this part of the world, they are notoriously hard to find. The plus side is that you are almost guaranteed of spotting them on Cuba bird watching tours because the guides know exactly where to find them due to their numerous years of experience in the region. This is one of 2 main reasons why birders book into birding tours. Cuba bird watching tours are a lot more efficient when done under such a knowledgeable person. Not only are they able to take you directly to the species laid forth in the travel itinerary but they are experts of sorts on all things birding in Cuba. Tour guests have this person at their beck and call during all times on Cuba bird watching tours.

The second reason why bird watching tours are the better way to travel has to do with finance. Travel is expensive. If you are going to be travelling on your own to Cuba, you would constantly have to pull out cash to pay for drivers or meals, even if you do secure, book and pay for your accommodation in advance. There really is no way of knowing how much you are going to spend and whether you would easily stick to a budget. With Cuba bird watching tours, this is not a concern. The entire tour is paid for in advance. If you find a price of Cuba bird watching tours that appeals to you, then book into it and pay for it upfront. You do not have to worry about having to cough up cash while you are bird watching in Cuba. Though, you would want to bring along a small amount of cash to tip your guides and maybe buy up some lovely keepsakes during your trip.