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Where do footballers go for vacation?

Footballers lead fairly boring social lives thanks to their busy training schedules. However, after the season ends, there is one month when they are let loose at some of the most high-class holiday destinations across the globe! So where do footballers head and which restaurants and bars are most likely to host them? In the below, you will find a compiled list of some of the most popular spots in the world!

Ibiza and Formentera

For party-loving footballers, the Balearic island of Ibiza is a magnet. During the past few years, every player from Danny Wellbeck to Peter Crouch have been spotted on the Mediterranean beaches! Over the last 20 years, given its popularity among rich party goers, Ibiza has countless restaurants, nightclubs and posh beach clubs that would attract a rich young sportsman!

Ushaia in Ibiza, is the hotel nightclub of choice for young footballer players, with Kieran Gibbs, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain and Danny Simpson all spotted in the VIP zone of the dancefloor in recent years. The classier footballers such as Fabregas Cesc, likes to head to the neighbouring island of Formentera. The latter holidayed there last year!

Algarve, Portugal

British people love the Algarvem and football players are no exception to this rule. In the event that you are hoping to see a player on vacation, the best option is to head to the five-star resort of Quinta do Lago. This resort contains a concierge beach service, a spa, several fancy restaurants, and three golf courses!

This place has won the heart of Steven Gerrard that he bought a house there. Footballer John Terry, also constantly visits with his family. In fact, there are other players who usually visit there but who choose to remain anonymous. At the Hotel Quinta Do Lago, you can book rooms from £299 or just head to see one of the golf courses for a round!

Las Vegas

Clubbing and gambling are two favourite pastimes of footballers. Therefore, it is no wonder that they can’t stay away from Las Vegas. Michael Owen, Wayne Rooney, Rio Ferdinand and other amazing footballers are all regular visitors to Nevada party city.  After each season ends, you definitely get to see a player there!

However, Wynn Hotel is one of the best places to really spot a player. It is where Coleen and Wayne Rooney spent their honeymoon. Exes Danielle Lloyd and Jamie O’Hara, in happier times, were also spotted in sin city. They were celebrating the reality star’s 30th birthday at MGM Grand hotel!


Every year, there are a lot of millionaires who holiday in Barbados. Footballers are perhaps pretty small earners compared to them or any other guests. However, the world-famous Sandy Lane resort is highly famous among players itself. The resort is more frequented by them especially during the summer break.

Wayne Rooney, Robin Van Persie and Alan Shearer are regularly pictured relaxing on the private white beach with their relatives. The hotel is extortionately luxurious and expensive though. Nevertheless, it is possible for anyone to visit for lunch, without being a stayer!

These are the places where you could possibly meet many footballers when they go for vacation. Besides, you will only find star players since they earn quite a high-class salary from their club! Even if you cannot go there to locate them, you can still find them online. At Lucky VIP Casino, you can play Football Star Slot. This online slot game will plunge you into the world of footballers, and you might feel like a star!