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Everything You Need to Know Before Stepping on a Cruise Ship

Stepping on a cruise ship can be the richest experience ever! These days, there are different types of cruise ships you can select from to spend a memorable time. When the word “cruise” is mentioned, you immediately get the picture of a large and luxurious ship with all sorts of amenities and recreations. However, there are a few things you need to know before boarding it.

The Best Cruise Deals

Before even planning your journey, choose your cruise line carefully. If you have a favourite one, it is even better. Check their website and sign up for their newsletters to be aware of any interesting deals they may offer. They often provide discounts for previous guests or people with special affiliations. With newsletters, you can expect to know about any special sales happening or any other services they provide. In this way, you can plan on saving for the D-day when you’re embarking the ship.

Dress Codes

Wondering what to wear on a cruise? No worries, simply check your itinerary to know how many formal nights you have to attend! This way, you will know what type of outfits to bring in your luggage. Men can opt for smart tuxedos or suits and ladies can wear lovely gowns, such as those worn for proms and parties. Avoid shorts, sandals or tank tops. But if you plan to chill at the swimming pool, don’t forget your swimsuit!

What Is Included in the Price and What Is Extra?

For the price of your cruise, most ship lines offer stateroom, meals in the casual dining spaces, dining rooms, musical shows, club entrances, karaoke and swimming pool. But do you want some extra fun? If you can afford some extras, enjoy upgraded dining choices in special restaurants, for example. Or, relax with special services at the spa. How about dance lessons or martini classes? At a port of call, freely get off the ship for some sightseeing but if you want an organised excursion, an extra fee is required. With Ruby Riches online casino however, you do not need to be at any special place to enjoy a wide selection of games. As long as you have an internet connection, you can access the games it provides anywhere!

Can I Bring Food or Drinks?

Want to bring your own food and beverages? Check with your cruise line first before packing them. Because some of them allow you to bring a case of water, packs of soda or bottles of wine. As for others, they do not allow any types of soda on board. Bringing your own food, however, may be useful if you have food allergies. In any case, it is important to discuss all this with your vacation planner or travel agent.

Ways to Prevent Motion Sickness

Suffering from motion sickness during your cruise? No need to worry! Try sea bands which are little elastics that you can wear around your wrist. These help to prevent motion sickness by pressing against your pressure points. But if need be, bring along your medicines for motion sickness. Simply make sure they are non-drowsy to avoid falling asleep during the rest of your vacation!

These are a few of the things you need to know before boarding on a cruise ship to better plan your journey and spend a great time. Carefully plan everything beforehand so you don’t go through any hassles.