4 Most Incredible Corsica Packages of 2021

Every year, millions of tourists visit the Mediterranean wonder, Corsica seeking a memorable adventure in the heart of nature. As travel resumes, many Corsica travel companies have put together previously unheard of packages to attract visitors. We have rummaged through the deals to find the most incredible Corsica tour offers of 2021 you cannot afford to miss.

3 Corsica Travel Packages You Cannot Afford To Miss

1. An 8 days tour of Corsica’s mountains and villages – If mountain hikes are your thing, this tour is a worthwhile experience. The tour, which includes Vivario, Corte, Vizzavona, and the Gorge of Richjusa, starts and ends in Ajaccio. Prices start from $1,549. 2. Corsica car tour – If you are too lazy to rummage through the island on foot, then the Corsica car tour might be the perfect alternative. This ride takes you through historic ports along the Cape of Corsica, the Gulf of Galleria, the cliffs of Bonaficcio and back to Bastia airport, where it began. This 7-day tour starts at the budget-friendly price of $1,292.

3. Corsica from the water – No tour provides guests with a more holistic view of the majestic Mediterranean beaut like the Corsica water tour. Join fellow tourists aboard MV La Belle des Océans berth in Nice for an 8-day adventure that unlocks the mysteries of the Gulfs of Porto and Girolata and the beauty of the Calanques de Piana. Of course, there is ample time for you to soak in the sun on Palombaggia beach. This tour starts at $4,065.

The Corsica Grand Tour

The crowning jewel among all Corsica packages is the 11 days long Corsica grand tour. This walking and hiking tour follows the footsteps of Napoleon, starting at Ajaccio, Napoleon’s birthplace. The tour takes visitors through Scandola National Park, Capo Rosso, Spelunca gorge, Vizzavona and Cucuruzzu forests, culminating with an excursion to Sartene, the most Corsican town in Corsica. This tour can be yours for as low as $5,208.