St. Patrick’s Day In Ireland

The Irish have observed the 17th of March as a religious holiday for over 1000 years. The holiday falls around the same time as the Christian holiday of Lent. Most travel tips encourage people to visit the country around this time so they can experience the Irish culture.

History Of St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick lived during the 5th Century and is the national apostle of Ireland. He was accredited with bringing Christianity to his people after he escaped from slavery. It is believed that he later died around March and thus the holiday is celebrated then. The mythology surrounding his life became part of Irish culture.

The holiday gained popularity abroad in the 18th century when Irish soldiers serving in the English military honoured their patron saint by marching in New York City. Since then, enthusiasm for the holiday spread quickly and parades were held annually to mark the holiday in many parts of the US.

Tourism In Ireland

St. Patrick’s Day in Ireland has become a major tourist attraction and many people travel from all over the world to experience the holiday. Both the Irish and non-Irish participate in this holiday across the world by wearing a green piece of clothing. Nothing beats the real-life experience in the streets of Ireland however.