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Corsica Travel Tips – How It Started

With a passion for travelling, desire for adventures and curiosity for new cultures I started this blog. It all started really when I went for my first trip to Corsica, a romantic island that belongs to France, a couple of years ago. That is why I put together this Corsica Travel Tips.

My Best Corsica Travel Packages

  • 4 hours river rafting
  • Kayaking on the sea
  • U Porcu RANGER
  • Calanques de Piana
  • Les Calanche Cliffs
  • Museu di a Corsica
  • Citadel
  • Écomusée du Fortin
  • Monument aux Morts
  • Cathédrale de Nebbio

Cathédrale de Nebbio and Monument aux Morts

Monument aux Morts

Statue in black and whiteOne of my favourite Corsica Travel Tips is to visit the Monument aux Morts. Not only is it a very beautiful monument, it also gives you a bird-eye view of the whole city. There are buses you can take if you do not want to hike there. On a sunny day, I would suggest you put your hiking shoes on and start climbing the mountain. Do not forget SPF since the sun can get very strong, and remember to bring water and snacks. This is a half day plan that you can combine with other tours.

Cathédrale de Nebbio

White roof in a cathedralOf course, you can spend hours by the beach in Corsica, but remember that this island has a lot of history. It is the perfect place for those who find a mix of sun and culture best. I visited the Cathédrale de Nebbio, an old cathedral which is known for being the sacred place on Corsica. While you are there you have to go inside and admire the artwork that this building really is! It is a perfect tour for the whole family and is only 2 km from the city centre if you feel like walking.

What you can find on my site

On my website, you will not only find Corsica Travel Tips, but highlights from all my travel destinations around the world. I write about things to do, to see, where to eat and drink and where you should stay at night. I hope you will enjoy and hopefully feel inspired.