3 Historical Facts about Corsica

Corsica definitely offers the best of both words – a calm, relaxing environment combined with the fullness of the French experience. Although it is mostly known for its breathtaking beauty, it is a mysterious island filled with rich history and diverse culture. Today we’ll explore three interesting historical facts about this 3352 square mile island.

Corsica has a rich and vibrant history

1. The Ancient Greeks were the first people to settle there. Historians have claimed that in 560 BCE, the town of Alalia was founded on the east coast. 2. Napoleon Bonaparte, the well-known French military leader, was born on this beautiful island on August 15th, 1769. 3. During the First World War, prisoners of war were sent to Corsica. They lived in wooden barracks and anywhere else that was available. They even occupied monasteries. This was in no way a vacation for them as although they were in any vacationer’s paradise, they were forced to engage in agricultural work.

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