Corsica is made for easy going travel

Corsica has an abundance of beaches, mountains, and historical sites. But it’s even more fun when you pack the right stuff for your trip! In a country with such scenic variety, it’s important to match your travel essentials with the weather and the destinations that you plan to explore. For this island, you’ll need primarily easy going beach attire and casual evening wear.

What to Pack

You are probably planning to visit during warm months, so you definitely need sunscreen to go with your swimwear and flip-flops. Breathable and light clothing is also necessary during this visit. A waterproof beach bag is always a nice travel companion for your beach activities or to protect your things from rain showers. You don’t want to lose your camera because the tide came in! Don’t forget to choose the right footwear whether it’s for the beach or the mountains. And of course, the holy trinity of traveling: cash, camera, and phone.

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