For The Love of Corsica

Mountains with craggy peaks, turquoise seas with frolicking waves, dense forests and a laid-back coastal vibe are what my beloved Corsica is all about. Wanderlust often takes me away but I always return with reloaded appreciation for this island in the Mediterranean Sea that is located southeast of the French mainland. I love hiking through the mountains and along the beaches in my idyllic hometown which is French but that has a lot of Italian cultural influences.

The First Things I Want To Do

When I get back to Corsica after I have been away the first thing I long to do is to hit the beach. There are a number of them on the island and each one has its own unique appeal. My very favourite is Petit Sperone Beach which is a well-kept ‘secret’. I love this particular beach for its hidden location that makes it less crowded and more quiet. It doesn’t have too much going on except a snack bar in the parking lot. It is 5 Km from downtown Bonifacio which has some of my favourite cafes.

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